Monday, December 7, 2009

Do You Wanna Know, Know That It Doesn't Hurt Me

Did a little bit of running today but not too much. Enough to make me very happy that I have only one more sleep until I get this 10mm chunk of meniscus out from the back of my knee. Positives to take from the recent ramp up in running are that my left knee, which has the real issue, can tolerate some level of running. The Doc told me this would be the case and he was right. I can now optimistically set goals, however minor, for 2010. And until training resumes I have travel and great times ahead. Meeting Frankie in London and hanging with the Lads in Drogheda. Lovely.

I came across Phantogram today. They are a duo from New York with a similar set up to Handsome Furs, all be it more laid back. The songs I've heard are all great and the below song has had more than one listen. Its called "Mouthful Of Diamonds" and is quite brilliant. I've also been paying the Def Star remix of Fences by Phoenix, reflecting my chilled mood.

Thank you for the kind emails of support heading in to yet another surgery,

Love Kel

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  1. Best of luck dude! Enjoy reading your blog. Hope to see ya back racing in Ireland sooner rather than later. Here's to a speedy recovery.