Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knives Out

Little bit of a nightmare couple of days. Long story short; I had my surgery yesterday and after stopping back to the office to finish work while high on Percs I came back to P-Town without my house keys. Kim is gone to NZ so I was locked out. Had to stay in Coxy's which was very nice and comfortable but not exactly good recovery protocol. I went back to the office today to get my keys and I'm finally back home with ice on my elevated knee.

As for the actual surgery, it was awesome. Out-patient clinics are so much better than hospitals. Laid back, friendly and very comfortable. I had a good chat with the Doc in the OR before being knocked out. Is it strange that I thoroughly enjoy anesthesia? I was joking to the Doc that I was going to fight the count and as his laugh faded away the nurse came over and asked if I was feeling alright. Of course I was feeling alright, I was just waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. It was at that point that she alerted me to the fact that surgery was over and that anesthesia is unbeatable. It is very typical of me to challenge myself in almost every situation. Fighting anesthesia is no different and like every surgery before this it kicked my ass. This time however was very humorous. Maybe you had to be there.

There are 4 videos below out of 10 that were given to me. They provide a nice summary of the surgery. The tear was pretty bad and by the end you can see where the meniscus used to be and what I have left to protect me for the near future. The Doc and I chatted about getting my left knee done. The plan is to attempt a training cycle in 2010 and see how it goes. If I can deal with it I'll truck on but if not we will revisit the microfracture or OATS option and attempt to fix it.

Thank you for the kind comments and emails/phone calls. I am stupidly lucky to have friends that care. And as I fade away here on the couch to the sound of Editors while drinking 365 Raspberry soda I think about running in 2010 with excitement and a renewed sense of optimism.

Love Kel


  1. Keith man, best of luck in the next year. This blog has been nothing but inspiring every post. The way you feel about the sport comes across in the blog, your flotrack vid (my favorite of all time), and you should consider yourself lucky to have found something to be so very passionate about. The rest of us are lucky to have found someone who shares that passion with the entire world (wide web).

    Best of luck again, here's to a happy and healthy 2010!

  2. want with every smallest piece of my being to see you running again, even if it is a beautifully ugly scene.

  3. Brother... every shitty run that I have makes me think of how much worse it could be, and invariably it lifts my spirits. Thanks for all the inspiration...