Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Introducing Palace Players

An absolute belter of a show. Easily in the top three shows I've seen this year. Mew captured the emotion of the albums and brought the songs to life in a way that only brilliant bands can. I was literally blown away by the singing and the unison within the group. The temptation to go to NYC was very high but the rational side of me took over. Friendly Fires are calling my name on Friday night but not to sound like a complete running geek, I don't know if I can stand on my knee for another show. I woke up this morning, still on a high however, my knee was very swollen. It sucks ass but considering I have a massive tear in the back of the joint I shouldn't expect anything less.

I got in a run before the gig. A solid 5 miles on the T-Mill (no wonder my knee was sore) and a little core work. My mood has been bolstered lately with some good energy at work and the countdown to a trip back home to see frankie, family and friends. Positive day and very positive evening. Time to get some kip. Below are some videos that were taken from the show. I was front and center myself, but these were shot from the side of the stage. Brilliant.

Love Kel

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