Friday, April 9, 2010

Sum Up Three Days

In Three Songs. I ended a 3 night concert tour and I am refreshed. I rode an hour on the trainer and ran 15 minutes with Frankie and Kim. I am lost and questioning after the last three nights. Worrying about pain in my knees because I can't run the way I want and yet I can travel and see/hear performances like I was fortunate enough to over the last week. What have I to really worry about when their is beauty like this? Three vids from each show. Look, listen, cry, sing, dance, be inspired.

Love Kel

Cymbal Rush from Roseland Ballroom, NYC

New Song by Wolf Parade, Toronto. Its silly how good the track is.

Present Tense, Thom Yorke, Citi-Wang Theater Boston. Epic.

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