Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spend Boring Hours In The Office Tower

AM: 1:50 Bike Ride, 7 Minutes Run PM: 13 Minutes Run

What a fantastic morning for a bike ride. 65 degrees, light wind, little traffic, lots of energy. I hit the bike path and saw the minor damage from the flood. It wasn't that bad considering the rest of the state. I didn't stay long mind you because the path was jammers with families enjoying the first really warm Saturday of the year. It was nice to see the turn off to Rt. 116 so I could bang out hard miles on the hills. I realized how unfit I was when after the first climb (basic hill) had me reeling and holding back vomit. I provided my body with ample rest, food, and drink over the last few months. You'd think it would give me back some business rather than debt. After the third hill on the road I was cooked and my lap of Log road was really just riding at hard running pace. When I got back I decided to do my 8 minute running loop and ended up coming through the mile at sub 6 minute pace (my first since March 2009). Not realizing I was running so fast there was a little shock when I saw the watch. Clearly getting off the bike, triathlon style, and running soon after leads to higher cadence and thus pace. The legs are dead either way.

I went for a solid 13 minutes with Kim in the afternoon at the more reasonable 7 minute pace that I should be running at. It was pretty nice and I felt like I could go further and hit the 20 minute mark but I exercised caution and swung by the house after 13 mins. No ill effects at all. Went grabbed dinner and a beer, and now I feel like I haven't done any running at all. Amazing.
Tomorrow is more riding and a run in the second half of the day. I'll bump it up to 15 minutes I think.

Since I'm seeing them on Wednesday and because I love them so much, heres a bit of Wolf Parade,

Love Kel

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