Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've Got A Friend Whos A Genius, No One Listens To Him.

I will be off this site for the next week or so. I have the Boston Marathon happening. Not that I'm running it, I should be so lucky. Its expo set up, expo itself, and the aftermath, feeling down, taking a day or 2 to recover, and getting back into routine. Its all so predictable. I am taking it very easy this year, although I'm sure I'll have a good go of it one of the nights. I wonder why the good times at these events maintain considering its the same people at every one. Then I think about good times in general, its usually always with the same people. I could go out every weekend with my mates back on the old sod like I did for many years and still hurt from laughing so much. To prepare I rocked some training this weekend. 3.5 hours on Saturday, and 2.5 hours Sunday over hilly loops around Northern Rhode Island. I am very unfit and overweight but a lot of this work will put me straight.

Canadians Stars released a new song from their forthcoming album The Five Ghosts which is expected in June. The lyrics are sung by Amy and she sounds fantastic. I do enjoy this band and love their melancholic lyrics fused with uplifting synths. This track is called Fixed

Love Kel

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  1. love this track. funny, I almost described the track as did you and then re-read your post (thankfully) before sounding redundant...