Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Atoms For Peace

Unreal show last night at the Roseland Ballroom. They played the eraser album from start to finish and then Thom broke into 3 solo songs including "All For The Best", "Fog", and "Everything In Its Right Place". They followed that up with another obscure Radiohead song from the Com Lag EP called "Paperbag Writer". Thom is on a completely different level right now. His energy and passion when performing the Eraser songs infected the crowd and created a unique atmosphere. It was like a sweaty Rave from 1995. Uncontrolled dancing, people bouncing off each other with a smile, and no negative attitudes (although one dude stood by me and tried to light a cigarette, I got angry for a minute) I am now in Toronto having coffee with Frankie and tonight we will bow down at the alter of Wolf Parade! Awesome.

Check out All For The Best below,

Love Kel

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