Friday, April 2, 2010

A Punctured Bicycle On A Hillside Desolate

AM: 8 Minutes
PM: 8 Minutes, 30 Minutes Trainer

Its not really worth taking about my training from today. 2 loops around the usual streets and a quick 30 minutes on the trainer. I told Kim I needed to do a quick ride but she was to force me off the bike (not sure how she would do that) if I chose to stay on. It all worked out in the end and the basic training was followed by comfortable Thai food. Pat arrived on the scene late and the day of clean up ended with some good laughs and the Premier Preview show.

We have most of the basement dried out and all my stuff is scattered around the back garden. I am going to salvage some items and some will go to the salvation army. Most will get thrown out. Life simplified and less clutter. Tomorrow I do some real training. My first real training of the year. I'm very fired up about it and to usher in some dreams I'll continue listening to Letting Up Despite Great Faults

All lovely in 41 Rome,


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