Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sing Me To Sleep

AM: 2 Hours Bike Ride
PM: 15 Minutes Run

I took part in the Providence Bike morning ride today. Lovely group of people and very enthusiastic, however a little too slow unfortunately. I am not a bike rider, nor do I claim to be but I have a big engine and the pace was too slow. We set off at a slow pace and at times we would get going only to regroup at every intersection. Its all very cool and friendly but I wanted to keep pushing and get a good ride in so after 40 minutes I had to break away and bid the group best wishes before riding a 20 minute tempo ride over hills. My HR was very high and the hills were like mountains. I'm fat and slow and horribly unfit but lots of this work will swiftly whip me into shape.

I was pretty tired when it was all done, clearly pushing too hard on the hills. I spent the day cleaning more stuff from the basement and after watching an epic Tour Of Flanders I went out and cruised 15 minutes around the street. My calf was like a rock after the run but my knee didn't hurt too much, only when I landed too much on my forefoot. I'm trying to avoid heel striking by landing more mid-foot and under my center of gravity. Whatever it takes to protect these old man knees.

I have a bit of a crazy week ahead so tomorrow I will do another solid run and short bike session. It will set up my concert tour and allow me the pleasure of a few days off to let the knee settle down and the enjoyment of some good beer and food. Tomorrow night I am going to a Tour Of Flanders party (even though I watched tonight) so it will be a nice start to a mental week.

Wolf Parade have announced that they will call their new album Expo 86 and it should drop sometime in June. It may even be a double album. They are playing 6 or 7 new songs on the mini tour and I am very eager to hear them. I have a little Thom Yorke action before that however so the emotion will be running high!

Love Kel


  1. Nice riding with you Keith. I knew you were too fast when you burned up Capron Hill!!

    Tom - the beer and pizza guy

  2. Nice one Tom. We will do it again, maybe go off the front with a faster group? Hope all is well!