Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Hopelandic

It was 20 degrees colder in ATL this morning than it was in Providence. Bizarre. Free internet on the plane is really cool so big props to Delta for providing. The Jonsi "Go Live" DVD and CD was released 2 days ago which means my copy could potentially be waiting for me at home. There is a DVD of a Studio Performance from London last March and the live CD has a full concert recorded in Belgium and Brighton, UK over the last year. You can go to the website and get a free download of New Piano Song which is one of my favorite tunes he plays live. So much emotion and passion. For some reason it was left off the album. Maybe its a 'live only' song or maybe it just didn't fit. At least I get to hear it now as often as I want. The youtubes are alive with footage and I tried to avoid it but alas I'm weak and pretty much watched the whole show, despite the poor quality of sound. Check out the vid below.

Nothing else happening right now. Zero exercise in the last 2 days. This is where my longing for running really takes hold. I miss the convenience of going for a quick 40 minute run in the am or pm.  I can't do the hotel gym, the old skool elliptical trainer. No way, its just not satisfying and a cup of coffee with some Jonsi and my Chuck Palahniuk novel is far more appealing.

Peace and much love,


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