Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Importance Of Being

Already there are a lot of year end lists on the intertubes. I just looked through Rolling Stones top 30 Albums and top 50 Singles. Absolutely no imagination. Just straight down the line with the obvious choices, some good, most average. No Wolf Parade, no Interpol, no post-rock or anything left field. A disappointment for my first look. Not that I care about their opinions. I dislike the publication and for some reason I'm still getting free copies sent to me? Makes no sense.

Struggling big time today. I watched Liverpool clinic Aston Villa on how to play football and washed down the joy with some 60 minute IPA. We went to Trinity Brewhouse with the crew from Rhode Runner and tucked into more IPA. I forget how strong it is but quickly realized when I started slurring words and arguing about athletics. It wasn't a nice night to walk home but it had to be done. When I rode down to get my car this morning I was pretty sure I'd have a boot, be towed, or at the very least a nice ticket. None of the above. Happy days. Car was resting where I left it and I hit up the coffee shop to help alleviate the hangover. I felt pretty bad all day and was very busy so I didn't get a workout in. By the time I got home tonight it was almost 8 bells so no exercise. Saving it up for Cyclocross tomorrow night.

I have never heard of British band Little Comets but I heard the song Joanna on one of my daily blog reads and I love it. I've been listening non-stop. They are a pop - rock band from Newcastle who remind me of The Futureheads and a bit like Two Door Cinema Club. Anyway, the song Joanna is fantastic. It comes out in January as the first single off their upcoming debut In Search Of Elusive Little Comets which sees daylight on Jan 30th. These guys will be a band to watch for 2011. Fresh, British Indie Rock at its best. The single is in the youtube clip but they also have a Joannacapella stripped down version that is stunning. Check the soundcould player to hear it. I tend to have a bit of a meh attitude towards straight up indie rock but this song has hit the spot. Strong accent too. I do enjoy when bands sing in their accent.



Little Comets - Joannacapella by Mud Hut Digital

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