Saturday, December 25, 2010

Radiohead For Haiti

The amazing Radiohead. Being cool again. Looking after fans and doing it for a good cause. So last January Radiohead played a concert in LA and the entire ticket sales, including all the auctioned off tickets, were given to the Haiti relief efforts. The band raised a lot of money and now as a Christmas gift they have approved a free download of the concert on DVD or MP4. A multi cam shot effort. In return the band want people to donate something to Oxfam. They have a specific site that allows you to donate any amount. Of course you don't HAVE to donate but with the band giving up the footage of this rare show you SHOULD donate. I will, not much, but something. The link to download the show is here
There are many options so be sure to avail of the quality you want/need. This is a happy day.

Peace and much love,

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