Friday, December 17, 2010

Lists Lists Lists

Its about that time again. I feel like I just finished 2009's best of lists. What a great year for music. Dare I say better than last year? So many fantastic albums and tracks, some of which were so good that it limited my ability to listen to so many other albums that could potential sit in my top 15. For example, I just got around to listening to Warpaint - Fool. I'll get to that in a second after I finish complaining about how much I hate being sick. This past week was a huge struggle and a constant sore throat, sore back and neck, and even a stomach issue, left me feeling very down. I managed to rally for a night out with Bob Schwelm and the crew but next day I was worse. Its amazing how even those of us that think we're so tough succumb to child like behavior when sick. It was the first illness I suffered this year so I can't complain. Outside of some bad allergy days I had a clean bill of health, from a systemic point of view anyway. Almost better, this weekend will surly have me back on top of my game.

So Warpaint, yes, fantastic. Four kick ass ladies from LA that create beautiful and very haunting art rock. I got the Exquisite Corpse EP earlier in the year and listened , enjoyed, and put out of my mind. Only the other day I saw The Fool on many a year end list and it triggered  with me that "of course", Warpaint was a band I fully intended on revisiting. So I bought the record and it's wonderful, hypnotic and full of emotive harmonies. Of course this is very much against the grain of what reviews say about the album but I see the emotion rather than the moody in this kind of music. This album is the post Joy Division sound that I love. It has Bat For Lashes elements, that same expansive sound with very intimate and direct lyrics. Songs that wash around in my head all day. Even though I acknowledge this album would be a grower for most people, its certainly without the explosion of a standout hit, for me it hit a chord. I've always had a penchant for female vocals and this filled my needs right way.  I love this album so much. Check out the track below its lovely,


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