Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Off to the ATL for a couple of days. A little ATC Peachtree discussion followed by quality time with the friends at Big Peach Running Company. Just meself and Coxy. Quick trip. Light backpack, some running gear for the one hour elliptical I won't do, and positive attitude helped no less by my 25 listens in a row to Niki And The Dove - Mother Protect.

I don't know much about them other than the info on their myspace page. She sounds like Fever Ray with even more dramatic music. There may even be a hint of Tegan and Sara, not that I'm a huge fan of the Canadian pop duo, rather her voice just sounds like one of theirs. They are out of Stockholm and sing some wonderful songs. None more so than the one below. It is free to download at their website.

I love the tune, the way it builds to an epic breakdown, her voice, the layers and wonderful arrangement. The Scandinavian female pop singers have been doing something right over the last few years. And here is another one to celebrate alongside Fever Ray and Lykke Li. Fantastic.

Love Kel

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