Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm A Dream Catcher Hanging In The WIndow Of A Mini-Van

Every Wednesday during the fall NBX put on a cyclocross training race under the floodlights of a city park in Wakefield RI. My buddy Joe Savic, one of the owners of Providence Bike brought me back in October to my first cyclocross event which happened to be one of these training races. I loved it despite crashing and being generally apprehensive at every technical section. But I flogged myself and went to the Mews Tavern after and had a couple of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA's. Fast forward almost 2 months and things have changed, only slightly. Tonight was my 4th Training Race and my 7th Cyclocross race of the season. And like wine I've gotten better with time. I rode well tonight, no crashes and smooth over the barriers. In fact I beat a couple of guys who were a minute ahead of me earlier in the fall. I still think its a very tough game but a night like tonight has me fired up for next season already. Big shout out to the organizers who do a great job considering the event is just a glorified training session.

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving I have a day off work. Ordinarily I'd be heading to a Turkey Trot but alas no more. Even the local 5k is a little too much on the old knees. Instead I'll be going for an easy 2-3 hour ride over the hills to prepare for a day of food and friends. Might end up at Wild Colonial since its open tomorrow night. We'll see. I am also going to use the day to catch up on the long list of music I need to listen to. I have a few albums and a lot of singles in my waiting and they will get the love they deserve over dark coffee.

A few weeks back my friend Dan Mazzocco introduced me to an artist who records under the name Pictureplane. This guy is right up my alley. He is from Denver and has been DJ'ing the techno and trance scene out there for a few years. I may have even come across him during my time in Boulder at the many Communikey parties I used to attend and the random nights down in Denver for a fix of minimal techno. The name of the album is Dark Rift and it is awesome. Despite sounding DIY at the best of times there are some breathtaking moments, especially the delayed synth and chopped vocals of Goth Star the song I have below. Other songs simply give me nostalgic feelings of the rave days back in Ireland. Not disimlar although perhaps less epic than M83, these songs bring up lots of memories. The song 5th Sun has me on the dance floor at Luci's in Drogheda around 1994 with my hands in the air and lined up among the ecstasy induced rave generation. I liked these days, it was all love and peace. A few years on the darkness settled for many but no one can deny the happiness of a piano loop over a 4/4 drum beat. 5th Sun really captures that feeling and I'm sure a lot of people would have flash backs like I had. For those that were a little more into the breakbeat sound or hardcore rave a track like Trance Doll will do the trick. Old Skool breaks intro and pave way for a 4/4 layered over synths and loud stabbing drums with classic rave melody. Superb. While M83 echo the sound of the 80's, Pictureplane captures the early 90's rave. The hands in the air generation, sharing love, joy, and many after parties. Unless of course there was a race on a Saturday morning. Thats why I chose the DJ route.......Coca-Cola seemed to do the trick!

Take a listen to the below track and if you like it check out the album. Its a great tune and perfect for some post race chill out time.

Peace and Love,


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