Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Vision Come Shake Me Up

Ah, t'was a bit of a legend 4 days off. I love work but I also enjoy the down times. Thanksgiving provided all of that. I hit the trainer hard on Thursday for some reps to work up an appetite for dinner. I was starving and my hard work was rewarded by a Mylene Cox special thanksgiving dinner, involving deep fried tofu with peanut sauce and a coconut curry. Maybe the best thanksgiving day dinner I've ever had. Throw in some 90 minute IPA and to be honest it was actually the BEST TG dinner I've ever had. I met up with Mark Carroll and Pat Tarpy for a night cap, lovely.

On Saturday morning myself, Coxy, Pat, and Joe hit the road for a ride somewhere around 60 miles. It was very cold so rather than mess around we hit appropriate sections very hard. I started off with a mild hangover after a night of College Football as bizarre as that sounds. Marko is coaching at Auburn and was fired up for their game. Not being one for college football I was pleasantly surprised, the game ended up being pretty epic in the end. The hangover lifted after about 30 minute and the ride turned into a bit of an interval session which suits me just fine. Then on Saturday night we had the 1 year anniversary of RI Threads the clothing line designed by my friends Ro and Myles. The shirts and hoodies are RI themed. The party launched a new shirt and was all in all a very successful evening, followed up by some AS220 and The Avery.

With a beautiful blue sky and large sun greeting us on Sunday morning I had an urge to go for a run. With Pat and Kim doing 12 miles it was only natural that I'd want to join in for some of it, so I did. I lasted about 10 minutes before my calf seized up and my knee swelled up. Liverpool lost to Spurs and all the sunshine in the world wasn't making the slightest bit of difference. I bagged exercise for the rest of the day. Perhaps the rest was wise given the amount of late nights that preceded my hard training sessions but really I wasn't tired. Sometimes I think I am fine with not being able to run and then other times I realize that I am not fine with it at all. Sunday was one of those days.

The brightside was listening to Wolf Parade live on CBC Radio and the Q sessions. They were great and one of the videos has surfaced. All three will come out but for now we just have Ghost Pressure. I know I said I would not show/talk Wolf Parade anymore but the truth is my window is very small. Wolf Parade have announced that they are taking an indefinite hiatus. I have no idea what this means. Are they breaking up? Or are they going to focus on other projects for a few years before they consider a 4th album? Either way I'm sad. It was a great year for the band and I hope they play a couple more gigs before its all over. Check out the video below, the quality is really good.

Love Kel


  1. Wolf Parade puts on a great show. I recommend going to see them, if you haven't already and if it's still possible.

  2. Kelrock

    It's great to see you back to a fitter, happier more productive way of life. I missed the past couple of months of sparse posts.

    Keep them coming. I feel your love.