Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little Vision Come Shake Me Up

Awesome weekend of training and recovery. It kicked off with a trip out to central MA for a medium long ride around Quabben Rez with Ben P. The thing is, the heat beat the crap out of the two of us. 90 degrees and steep climbs make for tough times. I set out hard in order to give both of us a very painful day and seeing as I am stronger than Ben on the bike right now I felt I obliged to take the lead and pull, pull, pull. However, in my leading I forgot to drink for the first 50 minutes. It was only when Ben noticed that my bottles were untouched that he rolled up next to me on a decent and told me I was going to be in trouble if I didn't start drinking asap. I am an amateur when it comes to nutrition on the bike. It definitely hurt me later in the ride but overall I was strong and my climbing was very satisfying. By the end we were both done for and on the last climb which was about four or five minutes long I bonked. I got to the top and waited for Ben, who may have been stronger in the last 10 miles than me, and when I saw him I was draped over handle bars seeing stars. We only had a .5 mile downhill back to the car so it was all good, as was the pizza I ate afterward and the cans of coke I washed it down with. The ride was only about 66 miles but the heat, the 4500 feet of climbing, and the pace was enough to flog me. Bliss really. I came home and listened to the new Klaxons song about 20 times. The video is below but it may get removed since that seems to be the buzz lately. I mean, record companies try to prevent people from promoting their bands. That's why they all suck, that's why people steal music, and that's why bands are now using independent labels or releasing music themselves. Having said that they may not remove it but I stand by my comments. I love you all,


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