Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As If You Didn't Know That It Would Sting

Tuesday night means Mark Nicholson Smack Down and I was in the mood for punishment. Inflicting pain on ones self is considered deviant behavior or even psychotic but when it comes to training it is encouraged. I might get a little too much enjoyment out of it (note chronic injuries for 10 years) and tonight was no exception. We had a solid group of 9 riders and the pace was uptempo from the start. I did the long false flat pull out of town and for some reason didn't want anyone else to lead. An attempt at a pull through just encouraged me to up the pace. The group fractured at after the first long climb and I felt bad because the goal is not to break the group up early, I was just in the mood for some hurt. The result of the early pace was such that I could not participate in the first sprint line as I felt since I pushed the pace I should go back and pick up the last guy and pull him up to the group. Once we regrouped I got back in front where I'm comfortable and pulled hard, actually breaking away until the second regroup spot. Onto Tourtellot hill I went hard with Aaron on my wheel for a bit. I put the head down and ended up having good legs, enough to break off the front by about 40 seconds. Ont he way back into town the strongest riders all took turns at the front. I am still amazed at the difference between pulling and drafting on the bike. GeWilli would go past me in a big gear and put 20 meters on me instantly. I would have to pull all the stops to get back up to him. I certainly lack power and peddling efficiency. I noticed that I spin a lot more than everyone else keeping my chain in the small ring on the front unless I'm descending. This is because I don't have the strength to ride big ring and I don't know if my 100 rpm is efficient? Lots to learn. Overall, a fantastic ride and I am pretty annoyed that I'm going to miss the next couple.

Next week I see Interpol in concert for the second time this year. I suffered an anxiety attack when I realized that I won't see Wolf parade again this year and maybe not again for several years. This displays two significant things. 1. Wolf Parade are AMAZING live and 2. I have to accept that I am a bit of an uber fan. It will be nice to see Interpol again to change things up, I do after all consider them one of my favorite bands. I've posted the video for new Interpol song "Lights" and now we get another Interpol single. This was played when I saw them in Rochester and no doubt will be played again in New Haven. It has a "Slow Hands" feel to it. Building in vocals and instrumentation with lots of layers, harmony and emotion. I love it.



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