Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Happy

I read tonight that Giles Peterson on his Radio 1 show said that the new Radiohead album is DONE. Thats according to Thom Yorke. All pretty good resources I'd say. This kind of news of a Friday night makes me a happy camper. Cold is slowly lifting. My knee is loving the rest. And I am listening to electro pop and drinking tea. Only thing missing is some taxi bars but that I can deal with. My lack of activity has left me feeling fat. Which leads me to beg the question, how the fuck do people not enjoy a little bit of exercise? If that sounded angry it didn't mean to be. I am just very excited at the news. Fortunately the Millrose Games are not even getting me down, but that has more to do with the fact that Tim Hutchings is commentating. He is vastly superior to Dwight and Lewis.

The Tune below might sound a bit cheesey but I could care less. Its lovely Friday night music when there is no wine to share. Sometimes the uplifting sounds hit the spot. Christoph Andersson is from New Orleans and even though his name and music suggest he is a mature French dude, he is in fact just turned 19 and making music thats catchy, sexy, and full of feel good vibes. Only in a world as tragic as the one we live does this guy not even factor and muppits like Justin Bieber are mainstream.

Love Kel


  1. Great post. You are a good man. As always, I hope all gets better for you.

  2. so now the question: when is the internet release?

  3. Yesterday's high temp in Manitou Springs was -2. A hell of a time to have the city decide to 'fix' water pipes. The homestead was a balmy 47degrees this am. And no friggin snow. Do the right thing young one and you'll have a knee in time. Besides racing bikes can be fun.

  4. Racing bikes can indeed be fun John. But running is just a little bit more...........
    Hope all is great guys.