Monday, January 6, 2014

Warrington, UK

I am going to start blogging again. Not because I've been inspired to write - I never could write to begin with, but because a significant life change has happened upon me and I want to capture it. It started today. I arrived in Warrington, a small town between Liverpool and Manchester to start work for New Balance Europe. Its a short term gig, maybe 8 months. And as much as I'm super down to be leaving my hometown of Boston, I am also relishing the opportunity to embrace the European lifestyle. Truth be told, its not a move I wanted to make, it was my only option, and was given to me by the awesome company I work for. I am so grateful to NB for how they have looked after me. My GreenCard has been held up by the Government shut down and therefore I need an extended time away from USA. Another company would have said tough luck, but NB found me a job and I need to embrace this. Its amazing that I feel so sad to be going away for a short period of time. And the more I look at it I realize that its circumstance that has me sad. I would probably be pretty sad if I was still in Boston but I'd feel more in control. How to combat this is to embrace the new experiences. Basically I am gonna become more like my old self and I am gonna fit more into the next 6 months than most fit into a lifetime. Only wonderful experiences, things I talk about doing but actually never bother to even try. Yeah work is gonna dominate, and thats my priority, but I will ride my bike up the great European climbs, I will drink Trappist beer - straight from the source, I will see football matches and go to festivals, I will drink espresso in every small village I can visit, I'll see all the great cities. Maybe I'll make some of the best friends in the world. Or I will meet a lady who will like me for me. Either way its gonna be an adventure and I am gonna capture it.

I set the bar low coming to Warrington. I had no reason to do this. I just love Boston so much that it can only pale in comparison. However, day one wasn't too bad at all. The people in the office are incredible. The place is very friendly, the staff in my hotel are some of the nicest I've come across in many years of travel. And through contacts I am quickly being plugged into a social scene of great people. My plan to get back to Drogheda every other weekend is already cracking. I want to get after it and not miss an opportunity to have a great experience. Manchester has a great music scene. The history is incredible and some of my favorite bands hail from the grim streets. The Smiths. Joy Division. Stone Roses. I'll be walking those roads. Lots to come.

In the meantime, I am digging the new Bombay Bicycle Club tune Luna. Its very poppy and makes a middle aged dreamer smile.

Peace and Love



  1. I like the attitude; definitely looking forward to more updates bro! -TK

  2. Letting go and letting the way-of-the-world dictate. Happy for you Keith. I suspect you'll find that sustenance for which you've been longing. I'll keep following! -Trib

  3. Thanks Anton and Tribbs, 2 Boulder legends!